Composite and Aluminium Deck Railing Kits & Systems

Frame your view, complement your deck.

Choose from three different types of Trex deck railing systems with composite and aluminium rail options designed for every aesthetic and budget.

High Performance

Resists fading and corrosion. Backed by 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty.

Sustainably Manufactured

Made in the USA using a minimum of 40% recycled content.

Easy Installation

Deck railing kits, pre-assembled panels and online resources makes installation simple.


Built with the same outstanding durability as Trex decking– your outdoor railing won't rot, warp, peel or splinter.

Trex Signature®

Effortless style, exceptional strength. Made from premium aluminium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Trex decking and railing be curved?

Trex offers a wide variety of decking options and railing configurations capable of being custom curved. When considering a deck with these characteristics, utilise the Find a Builder tool to determine which professionals in your area work on curved profiles. When planning curved railing, visit our Trex Signature® Curved Railing page for design and ordering guidance.

Note: Due to the unique composition of Trex Signature® decking we do not recommend heating and curving this product.

How do you install deck railing kits?

Each deck rail kit will include installation instructions based on the product and application it is being used in. In addition to our written instructions, we have videos on our TheTrexCo YouTube channel 

How do I clean my Trex deck?

Trex decking is designed for a low-maintenance experience. A simple soap-and-water clean is all it takes. For more details, refer to our Care and Cleaning section.

What are the pieces of a deck railing called?

Railings usually consist of a top and bottom rail, post cap, post cap, post, post sleeve, balusters, or an infill option like glass or mesh. Whether you are looking for more railing basics or for specifics about the Trex railing offering, we have you covered.

What is the average cost for a deck railing?

Railing costs vary significantly based on various deck plan details such as material, labour, and design extras (curving, cocktail rails, lighting, etc.). Use our cost calculator tool to get an idea of what the railing may cost for your next project.

What is the best railing for a deck?

The best railing for your deck is the one that will meet your aesthetic needs and practical requirements. Does the railing need to be a certain height for your local code requirements? Does it need to be a particular colour for HOA standards? Do you prefer a more modern or traditional aesthetic?

What is the easiest deck railing to install?

With different levels of expertise, the easiest railing to install will be our Signature Assembled Panels and Signature Posts with Premounted Brackets. This system consists of pre-assembled parts that save you time and labour costs, without compromising the structural integrity or beauty of the classic Signature design. Watch our Signature railing install video to see the time savings the assembled panels bring to a project.

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