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Trex makes it simple to design a deck you'll love from the comfort of your home. We've taken care of everything, from designing your deck to creating your shopping list—the Trex Deck Designer tool allows you to handpick every element of your new deck.


Compare materials, explore colours, and refine your layout with our free 3D deck design software. Once you've put the final touches on your design, download a shopping list of your materials, share a blueprint with your contractor or local planning office to obtain a permit, and show off your creation on social media!


See How Easy It is to Create a 3D Deck Model with the Free Trex Deck Designer

  • Web-based, No Download Required: The Trex Deck Designer is accessible directly through a web browser, eliminating the need for any software downloads, making it incredibly convenient for users to access and use.
  • No Login Required to Get Started: Users can immediately begin designing their decks without having to create an account or go through a login process, streamlining the user experience and removing barriers to getting started.
  • Ability to Save Deck Designs to Work On Anytime: With the option to save deck designs, users can conveniently revisit and continue working on their projects at any time, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.
  • Ability to Print a Deck Design Rendering, Ideal for DIYers and Homeowners Working with Contractors: The feature-to-print deck design renderings is particularly beneficial for DIYers and homeowners collaborating with contractors, providing a tangible visual aid for planning and construction.
  • Estimated Cost Updates in Real-Time: Users can instantly view estimated cost updates as they modify their designs, enabling informed decision-making throughout the design process.
  • Downloadable Deck Plans to Customise the Most Popular Styles: The availability of templated deck plans allows users to start with popular styles and customise them to suit their specific needs, saving time and effort in the design phase.
  • Deck PlansExplore a variety of deck plans to inspire and guide your design process, offering a valuable resource for users seeking design inspiration and guidance.
  • Comprehensive and Powerful Deck Design Software: Continually optimised to offer the best deck planning software for our customers. The most recent revamp signifies the Trex Deck Designer's commitment to providing a cutting-edge and robust platform, ensuring users have access to the latest and most advanced design capabilities.

How to Create Official Deck Design Plans

Creating official deck design plans may seem like a daunting task, especially for those without any previous experience or expertise. However, with the right tools and resources, designing a deck can be a straightforward and stress-free process.

While some homeowners may choose to hire an architect to draw up their plans, it’s not always necessary. 

Do I Need an Architect to Draw Plans for a Deck?

You may not always need an architect to draw up plans for your deck that comply with local building codes. Users can often save on costs by utilising intuitive tools like Trex's deck-building design software, which can create plans precise enough for official use. However, for complex projects or specific local requirements, professional input may still be advisable.

Can I Draw My Own Deck Plans?

Absolutely, homeowners can draw their deck plans using the proper deck-building software. With Trex, you can ensure your design conforms to various restrictions, aiding in obtaining the necessary permits. Should you need guidance, Trex's resource on drawing deck plans is an invaluable tool to help you embark on your DIY journey.

How To Design Your Own Deck

An online custom decking design tool like Trex's Deck Designer tool is pivotal in simplifying deck building, allowing DIYers to craft deck plans that seamlessly align with local building codes. This tool is engineered to empower you with plans that transform vision into reality, truly democratising the composite deck design process.

For precision and convenience, contractors can also employ these resources to develop detailed deck plans, assuring that your deck is both structurally sound and stylistically resonant. Explore the ease of deck planning with Trex by learning how to design your deck with Trex.

Get Inspired With Carmen Johnston Deck Plans

Explore the art of transforming your outdoor space into a personal oasis with Carmen Johnston, a renowned designer specialising in gardening and outdoor living spaces. Delve into her unique design methodology and creative process to unlock your potential to create stunning deck plans that fit your vision, inspired by hers.


I like the degree of control it gives you, the idea that you get to see it and get a feel for it.


5 Steps to Plan Your Deck Design

A gorgeous deck starts with a great plan. Here are a few things to consider while you design your dream deck:

Step 1: Purpose & Size

Consider how you'll use your deck to guide its design—whether for large gatherings or a personal retreat, the function dictates the size.

Step 2: Budget Considerations

Establish a budget that encompasses material and labour expenses. Utilise the Trex Deck designer tool to assess and compare decking materials. Additionally, leverage our cost calculator tool for an estimate before commencing your design.

Step 3: Choosing Materials

Opt for low-maintenance composite decking via Trex to save time and effort without compromising on aesthetics. Learn more about Trex vs. timber.

Step 4: Legal Compliance

Secure the necessary permits with a blueprint from Trex's software to ensure your deck meets local safety codes. To find the latest building codes and procedures for your area, visit your local government website or contact them directly.

Step 5: Project Timing

Plan your build timeline factoring in seasons, weather, and terrain, beginning in cooler months for warm-weather enjoyment.


Is there an app to see what a deck would look like?

Yes, our free deck AR visualiser tool allows you to virtually “build” a deck in your backyard space. You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Effortlessly Create Your Deck Design With Our Free Online Tool  

From planning the look of your dream deck to project logistics, the Trex Deck Designer can help you at every step of the process. Our free deck designer software can help plan your budget, draught blueprints to present for permit approvals, and even generate a shopping list for materials.


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