How to Calculate the Cost of a Trex® Deck

Planning your budget for your deck can bring you one step closer to building your dream deck, but it’s important to understand the factors that can influence the overall cost. The average cost for composite decking ranges between £110 and £145 GBP per square metre. This estimate gives you a place to start and you can use our decking calculator to crunch some numbers and get a more realistic number based on your personal preferences.

Materials Required to Estimate Decking Costs

While you can get a general sense of how much it costs to build a deck, there are a few factors that can influence overall decking costs. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when planning your deck and using an online decking calculator to get an estimate:

  • Labor and installation costs: This will vary based on the specific deck builder or contractor you use but it’s important to consider when planning your budget.
  • Dimensions: height, width, depth and square metreage: This will affect how much material you need and any building considerations depending on your space or the layout of your backyard.
  • Design and aesthetics: What type of layout do you have in mind? Are there accessories or additional features you plan to add?

Having a plan in mind can help you get a more accurate estimate and help you to use a decking calculator to plan your budget for your project.

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