Libby Smoot, October 29, 2014

Lighten Up Your Outdoor Living

With Trex’s new landscaping lighting components, you can easily enhance your home’s safety and security while adding a level of ambiance that’s warm and inviting. Highlight an impressive tree with a spotlight, illuminate an architectural feature or water structure with a well light, or shine path lights along an entryway. We make it easy.

Trex Landscape Lighting enhances a home's safety, security while adding ambiance.

Here are some helpful tips when thinking about landscape lighting:

•    Versatile and easy to install – Our landscape lights come in five compact style options, including two designs of path lights, spotlights, well lights and multifunction lights that can be used in a variety of applications. The entire Trex® LandscapeLighting™ portfolio is equipped with the innovative Trex LightHub® installation system. Each component comes with “male” ends that plug into splitters and make installation a snap – literally – without the hassle of stripping and twisting wires together the old-fashioned way. If you can plug in a lamp, you can install Trex lighting!

•    Increase energy efficiency – Our outdoor lighting fixtures are among the first in the industry to include energy-efficient LED components from CREE®, one of the leading LED manufacturers in the world. True to our eco-friendly heritage, Trex lighting produces beautiful illumination for many years without the hassle, waste and expense of replacing bulbs. Featuring the latest in LED technology, these fixtures keep things green with 75% less energy usage than traditional incandescent lighting.

•    Think safety first – A well-lit outdoor living space is not only welcoming, but helps make family members and guests feel more secure as they enjoy your home. We like to brighten walkways and steps with warm, focused lights like our path lights, and illuminate other dark places such as back doors and yards that back up to woods with spotlights. Multifunction lights placed around the perimeter of your property can keep strangers away.

Our Landscape Lighting components are as beautiful as they are functional.

•    Add ambiance – Don’t let harsh lighting spoil a nice summer night. All Trex lighting products feature “warm white” LEDs that create beautiful effects to accent your space. Our spotlights use the latest technology to shine a beautifully bright light through a modest head. When not in use, they’re designed to practically disappear into their surroundings.

•    Customize – Whether you are adding lighting to a new build or retrofitting your existing outdoor space, you can easily customize your setting for optimal function and mood. Spotlights bring focus to trees and architectural features such as gazebos, pergolas or trellises. For a sophisticated look, select well lights to provide illumination for gardens, bushes, fascia, walls and other vertical structures.

Before the chill of winter sets in, add some landscape lighting to your home and extend those outdoor days into night. From evening dinners to late-night cocktails, the right outdoor lighting can provide sophistication and ambiance to set the perfect mood.

For more on our landscape lights, check out our LightHub and Landscape Lighting installation videos.

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