UK Decking Design Considerations

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The end result: your own private oasis, mere metres from the fridge. The process? Nearly as easy, provided you envision your plans for using this newfound entertaining/relaxing/al-fresco-everything living space. You’ll want to be able to tell your top rails from your balusters for sure, but it’s also time to consider some bigger questions, like how much space do you need to pull out the dining chairs in your decking seating area? Does your town require architectural plans before permits? And what about a hot tub?

Decking Design Considerations

It’s easier to change your mind on paper than after discovering your new patio furniture is bigger than your new garden deck. So we’ve assembled a few ideas to keep in mind as you consider decking designs for your outdoor space, from how you’ll use it to how you’ll get in and out of it.

How Will You Use Your Deck?

When you envision your ideal deck, how do you see yourself using it? Maybe you want your outdoor space to be the go-to spot for neighbours and friends to congregate or the neighbourhood hotspot for the most memorable summer pool parties. Or maybe you’d prefer to spend intimate evenings with your immediate family or simply want to have a nice spot to showcase some of your favourite plants and flowers?

Think about how you plan to use your deck before you start acquiring materials or building. The intended purpose will influence your garden decking design ideas.

Trex Enhance deck with white Trex Transcend railing and  Trex Outdoor furniture dining set in white

Patio Dining?

Consider keeping your deck close to your kitchen to minimize long trips back and forth. Also allow plenty of room around your patio table for the chairs to pull out comfortably within your decking seating area, and think about a space for the grill – with plenty of clearance from the house.

Trex Transcend decking in Gravel Path grey and Trex Outdoor patio Furniture frame on a pool deck as shown in the 2013 HGTV Smart Home


Trex® decking plays well with water, so it’s a great choice for a pool deck – plus our railings can handle the whole family’s wet towels. Just be sure to leave room for a few chaises and a clear path for cannonball jumps into the pool. If you prefer hot tubs, they can be heavy, so it's important that your deck's foundation and framing are built to handle the load. And any yard with a pool requires a fence. Be sure to check local height requirements for fencing around pools when planning your deck in the UK.

Garden Gatherings?

Consider designing a multi-level deck to create zones for dining, lounging, or even a private space under a pergola. Using more than one decking colour also helps identify one area from another, while different railing colours and styles bring high design to safety. And make sure to plan some uninterrupted room for everything from ball games to a moonlit conga line.

This Trex Transcend deck in Spiced rum makes the most of a tranquil garden spot


Trex low-maintenance products lend a peaceful, easy feeling to any outdoor oasis. But for decks designed exclusively with unwinding in mind, be sure to leave room for plenty of fully reclined lounge chairs, a shade-enhancing Pergola, and refreshment-friendly side tables. And to get even more from your space, consider designing a cocktail rail to the top of your deck’s perimeter or splinter-free benches built right in.

The size of your decking space

You don’t need an expansive space to enjoy your outdoor oasis, however, it’s important to consider the size of your space when it comes to your decking plans. Get clear on the amount of space you have to build your ideal deck so you can plan accordingly. Whether you have aspirations of a small garden patio or a large, unique design, understanding how to use your space will help you determine the right materials, dimensions, layout, and help you to be successful with your decking plans and execution.

For Small Spaces

Check local building codes when planning your deck about setback requirements for your property; you can always consider designing a multi-level deck that makes use of vertical space, using the lower level for storage or a stone patio.

For Large Spaces

With plenty of room for all the bells and whistles, Trex fits the bill: everything from pergolas to cantilevers to elaborate railing designs is easy with our strong and sturdy outdoor decking products for your yard or garden.

Unique Decks

Our ability to create curved decking and railing lets you work around any obstruction and easily maximize an irregular space when planning your decking design. Seemingly useless areas can transform into the perfect corner, bench or privacy wall.

Sun & Shade

Don’t forget to consider the location of your deck during the initial planning stages of your yard deck designs. Your outdoor environment can help you decide how to decorate. If your deck will be in an area with excessive sunlight, you may want to consider an umbrella or canopy. If your deck will be in a shaded location, you may want to invest in some heat lamps or plan to have some blankets draped over your patio furniture for evenings where the temperature dips. If you plan to add plants to your deck, the amount of sun or shade will influence the types of plants you choose. Considering your location simply gives you more fun details to include in your yard deck designs.

Trex decking provide the ultimate in outdoor living spaces

Let There Be Light

Some garden spaces welcome the sun – beach and poolside locations come to mind – exactly where decking with our industry-leading fade & stain warranty comes in handy. So you’ll never suffer a summer’s worth of fade marks where the table and doormat used to be.

Trex Pergola provides the perfect shady spot under a trellis or arbor to enjoy more of the outdoors

Throw Me Some Shade

Trex can easily work around existing trees or wooded lots to maximise your garden’s natural shade. Alternately, installing a gazebo or pergola can shoo away the sun over decking seating areas or dining tables while adding drama to your landscape.

Deck Entrances & Exits

How to get from the house to the garden – with lots of beautiful stops in between. You should also consider the location for your entrances and exits in your decking designs. If you plan to use your deck for entertaining, you’ll want to have easy, unobstructed access to the kitchen to grab extra plates, silverware, or condiments, or the chilled beverages or dessert that await you in the fridge. If your garden will be a place for the kids to play, make sure you have a kid-friendly exit without too many stairs. Planning out these little details in your decking designs will help you envision how everything will come together and make the building process simple and seamless.

Create grand deck designs or tranquil relaxing spaces with Trex high performance decking

Stand Alone Patio

Building a low-lying deck amidst landscaping at the end of your yard, for example, creates a new area of interest, while designing a deck over difficult terrain can turn a mud pit into your garden’s greatest feature.

Trex Transcend decking and railing in Tree House medium brown and Vintage Lantern dark brown create an outdoor oasis with plenty of seating

Multiple Access Points

Multi-level and wraparound deck configurations accommodate lots of friends, invite intrigue, and can create beautiful upstairs / downstairs entry points to both the house and the garden, often making stairs and railing the focal point of your space. Trex® Outdoor Lighting installed along the railing and into stair risers keeps night walks safe and amps the drama.

Trex Enhance composite decking in Clam Shell grey and Beach Dune brown

Single Access Point

When your property allows only one exit point from the house, consider planning a doorway from the kitchen for an easy path to and from the fridge. And only one staircase? Build on a corner or consider a narrow-to-wide decking design and line with potted plants.

Places To Lean or Sit

Don’t forget to think about seating options in your garden decking design ideas. From a dining table and patio furniture to a chaise lounge or deeply-sloped adirondack chair, which types of seating inspire images of cool summer nights and warm, relaxing afternoons? Also, consider adding railings to your garden decking design ideas as they can offer a place for family and guests to lean or a convenient spot to rest a cool beverage or plateful of your favourite grilled delicacies.

Trex Transcend beveled railing in Spiced Rum

Design Decking Railing

Railing–the only thing your neighbors really see–is easy to design and build almost any way you wish with Trex, and provides the perfect perch from which to survey all the action. With our mix-and-match modular system, Trex railing can do anything, from starring as the finale of your deck’s design vision to enhancing the view beyond it. And for safety’s sake, be sure to check local building codes regarding decks a certain height off the ground or requiring styles taller or shorter than standard issue when planning your deck.

Trex Transcend decking and railing

Decking Seating & Benches

As an option to complement patio furniture, Trex high-performance composite boards and matching fascia are the perfect splinter-free bench-building materials to consider when designing your deck. Curved along railings, angled around a bay window or even wrapped around a favorite tree, a Trex bench creates long-lasting, seamless seating.