Trex Composite Decking Installation Guides

How to Install Decking in Your Garden

Use our guides to learn the basics of measuring, scoping and installing composite decking, download Trex® installation guides and go from dream to do.

Trex composite decking offers the look of classic timber without all of the upkeep requirements like painting, sealing, and staining. When it comes to installing composite decking, you won’t need additional materials or special equipment. You can install a composite deck yourself with the same tools you would use for a timber deck, such as a tape measure, power drill, level, and hand saw.

What You’ll Find in Our DIY Deck Installation Guides

These Trex installation instructions will ensure you have all the information you need and the necessary materials to understand how to install garden decking. Make sure you read through these guides before you get started so you can get the proper equipment, understand the safety guidelines, and determine if you will need help with the installation process.

Beyond the basics of measuring and scoping, these downloadable Trex installation instructions also provide important information on the following topics:

  • Required tools
  • Safety information
  • Recommended decking fasteners
  • Spanning and gapping requirements
  • How to build a staircase to your deck

Download these how-to-install-decking guides so you can keep them handy as you begin the installation process.