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Trex® Mold and Color Fading/Variation Class Action Settlement

Mahan, et al. v. Trex Company, Inc.
Case No. CV 09-00670-JSW
United States District Court for the Northern District of California



Notice of Class Action, Proposed Settlement and Fairness Hearing (pdf, 274KB)

Short-Form Publication Notice of Class Action (pdf, 180KB)

Claim Form (pdf, 732KB)

Supplemental Claim Form (pdf, 148KB)

Settlement Agreement (pdf, 6,365KB)

Order Granting Preliminary Approval (pdf, 100KB)

Required Cleaning Instructions and Mold Technical Bulletin (pdf, 547KB)

Notificación de Acción de Clase, Propuesta y Audicencia de Conciliatión (pdf, 512KB)

Notificación Judical (pdf, 39KB)

Formulario de Reclamo (pdf, 114KB)

Formulario de Reclamo Complementario (pdf, 110KB)

Order Granting Final Approval (pdf, 68KB) Home Page

Status of Settlement

On December 16, 2013, the Court entered its Order granting final approval of the settlement.


For more information about the Trex class action settlement, please review the documents referenced above.


The deadline to have submitted a claim under the settlement was May 27, 2014.

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