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5 Ways to Upcycle your Trex Board Sample

At Trex, we pride ourselves on being eco-friendly—that's why our deck boards are made of 95% recycled materials. In the spirit of reducing, reusing and recycling, here are five innovative ways to repurpose your deck board samples.

1. Floating shelf

Chic, minimal and exactly what your home office is missing. All it calls for is your favourite tanned leather and mounting screws to make the perfect perch for a plant or cherished photo.


  • 1 Trex deck sample board
  • 2 drywall screws
  • 2 leather straps (could be sourced from an old belt)


  1. Measure (2) equally sized leather straps to be at least 4x as long as the width of the board.
  2. Punch a hole at each end of the leather strap for the screw. We recommend using a hammer and a nail.
  3. Make a loop with each strap and screw each into the wall 10” apart.
  4. Slide the Trex sample in and adjust until flush against the wall.
  5. Decorate to fit your style.

2. On-the-go station

A much-needed mudroom nook perfect for key rings, leashes or dog treats. All this easy upcycle needs is 1-3 hooks and a hose clamp for a catchall jar.


  • 1 Trex deck sample board
  • 1-3 hooks
  • 1-3 small mason jars (+1 hose clamp per jar)
  • Screws
  • Sawtooth hook


  1. Screw in your favourite combination of wall hooks and hose clamps.
  2. Flip the board to its backside, attaching a sawtooth hook at its center for an even hang.
  3. Hang like a picture.
  4. Use whenever you’re on the go, or coming home to your favourite four-legged friend.

3. House address sign

Welcome guests to your home with a stylish new address sign. All it takes is a trip to the hardware store for numbers and timber to make this terrific front-stoop addition—bonus points for a planter extension.


  • 1 Trex deck sample board
  • House numbers
  • Screws
  • Piece of timber for the shelf (cedar or teak works best)
  • Small piece of timber for mounting
  • Paint
  • Sawtooth hook


  1. Lay out numbers.
  2. Screw each number onto the front of the deck board.
  3. Paint, stain or leave mini shelf au naturel .
  4. Screw a small piece of timber to the sample board as a mount for the mini shelf.
  5. Screw in the shelf from the top.
  6. Flip the board to its backside, attaching a sawtooth hook at its center for an even hang.
  7. Hang like a picture.
  8. For extra decor—add a little pot, your favourite gnome or gargoyle to your sign.

4. Mini herb garden

Who doesn’t want a fistful of basil or mint at an arm’s distance in their kitchen? Just grab a few hose clamps (try copper for a farmhouse feel), mason jars, a handful of soil and seeds for this cozy kitchen addition.


  • 1 Trex deck sample board
  • 2 small mason jars
  • 2 hose clamps
  • Potting supplies
  • Sawtooth hook


  1. Screw (2) hose clamps to the board. Make them perpendicular or diagonal to fit your space.
  2. Secure each mason jar with hose clamps.
  3. Plant your favourite herbs.
  4. Flip the board to its backside, attaching a sawtooth hook at its center for an even hang.
  5. Hang in a sunny spot.
  6. Get ready for all the compliments.

5. Bottle Opener

Bottoms up! Open your favourite ice-cold beverage in style with this easy DIY bottle opener. Just source some paint, a simple bottle opener and a few screws to enjoy.


  • 1 Trex deck sample board
  • 2 screws
  • Surface-mounted bottle opener
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Tape


  1. Screw in the surface-mounted bottle opener.
  2. Use tape to ensure a straight application of paint or freely decorate the board—let your creativity take over.
  3. Lean it against the house, or mount it above a basket to collect your caps with ease.

Order a sample to get started today!


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